Marketing and Sales Advisory
Marketing and Sales Advisory
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We just don’t act as a general property sales agent. For selected projects, we provide developers with comprehensive management of marketing, and in-house, trained and managed project sales teams.

This project sales formula enables the project to work with both local and international commission-based real estate agents, and has proved to be highly effective.
Marketing functions include:
Market analysis, mix and pricing policy.
Management of design and production of graphics, brochures, AV presentations, website and billboards.
Coordination of PR, advertising and promotional campaigns, launches and exhibitions.
Sales functions include:
7 days per week, on-site sales team attendance.
Liaison with local and international commission sales agents, provision of sales aids and promotional materials, on-site servicing of agents' clients.
Attendance at local and international launch functions and exhibitions.
Appointment of country/region specific GSAs.
Reporting and maintenance of sales registers and sales/visitor statistics.
After-sales-services to buyers.