Property Management Advisory

Property Management Advisory
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We have a refreshing and unique approach to property management. Our study reveals that the property management industry in India is under-serviced sector and an untapped financial opportunity. Therefore, we have set out to change the industry by focusing on ways to improving the customer service experience that property owners and tenants are receiving. Our key focus is to raise the level of customer service while keeping the costs of these services reasonably priced.
Our model includes cost effective practices, streamlined operational procedures and comprehensive marketing strategies that get results. If you are looking for a property management company that will deliver quality services at a reasonable price or a profitable franchise opportunity, we are the company for you.
   For Property Owners
We are a full-service provider specializing in family homes, complexes, and apartments. Our services include: finding and placing tenants, credit and criminal screening, timely owner checks, on-line access to accounting and financial reporting, maintenance coordination, periodic property inspections, and eviction processing.
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our property owners. We serve our customers better and more efficiently than the competition. Peace of mind is the greatest benefit we offer to our property owners.
   For Perspective Tenants
As a tenant, some of the benefits you receive when renting through us include:
Experienced and knowledgeable property managers.
24 hour maintenance service for those emergencies when you need it most.
Ability to pay rent electronically.
Tenant and Owner Referral Program.
Comprehensive property management system to submit maintenance work requests.
   For Property Investment Companies
Whether you have one or more properties, whether your properties are in one location or several, we are there to serve you. With help of our business processes and systems, we give you complete access to the information of your properties to review at your convenience and on your timetable. We customize your reports to provide you with the data in the format that is important to you. We provide you with occupancy rates, average rents, maintenance costs and other key measurements to keep you informed.
Managing rental properties across various locations can get complicated at times. We use standard business practices and a consistent business model to minimize the confusion and stress. We assign your properties to a single point of contact to reduce processing touch points, improve communication and enhance your overall "customer experience".