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Project Advisory
We are dedicated to conserving, protecting and enhancing the environment. We are assisting our clients in planning, design, ecology and management. Our creative design process uses pioneering methodologies and the latest technology, and is underpinned by our values: sustainability, independence and quality. We take a holistic view of our precious landscape, considering its history, culture and community. Being independent, we offer sound, impartial advice, keeping the environment, and people’s relationship with it, at the heart of all our work. Our services cover assisting our client’s in creating

Digital Design ; Ecology & Environmental Assessment ; Historic Landscapes ; Landscape Design ; Landscape Management ; Landscape Planning ; Master planning and Rural Futures.

Our services include an array of products, that can be as general as a broad-based overview of a large geographic market or a site specific feasibility analysis for an unique, mixed-use, infill development. Array of advisory services offered by PA are:

Concept Development
Project Feasibility
Project Financing
Project Management
Real Estate Due Diligence
Hotel Development
Development of Residential, Commercial & Mixed Use properties, Hospitals, Recreation and Entertainment facilities
Development of Affordable and Budget Housing
Marketing & Sales
Market and submarket analysis
Redevelopment Projects – SRA(s) and existing Housing Society(s)