Branded Retail and Restaurant Advisory

Branded Retail and Restaurant Advisory
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We are offering advisory for branded retail and restaurant businesses, if you have a marketing need, we can help. From planning through execution, you CAN put all your eggs in one basket. Our philosophy
Strategy is not just another “service” we offer. It is the cornerstone of your successful marketing efforts, the difference between “good” and “WOW!”
A strategic approach like that offered by us is usually available only from highprofile consulting firms - with a highprofile price tag to match. Our services come at a price that will make your money feel like Rupees and not paise.
Our Consultants are different. We’re individual Consultants working together to provide a high-level of strategically-based service. All our Consultants are independent professionals who have chosen to go out on their own to provide the highest-quality work possible for their clients. Our consultants have varied backgrounds in consumer and business-to-business industries, broad and specialty markets.
Scope of our branded retail and restaurant advisory we provide
Strategic Planning & Marketing Analysis
Competitive Analysis & Marketing Planning
Creative Development/Execution and Strategic Development & Articulation
Financial Analysis and Consumer & BtoB Research
Vehicle Identification, Management, Program Evaluation and Tracking