Land Acquisition Advisory
Land Acquisition Advisory
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We offer land acquisition advisory, our services are unique for each project we undertake, and are therefore tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. At the center of our consulting services is the Market and Financial Feasibility Study, which evaluates investment potential from both a market and financial perspective. Scope of land acquisition services we provide
To identify land, scrutinize the title, possession, ownership, marketability and other related documents. Appoint other professionals to undertake search of the title, survey of land and/or property & architect to evaluate development potential based on DP Reservations, etc.

To prepare report on land to be acquired enumerating its market potential, land forms and usage, Development Plan (DP) Reservations and the potential bottle necks that could be encountered.

To obtain quotations and assist in acquisition of land and provide market intelligence on proposed acquisition. Liaison with the Local Bodies and the Government for the land to be acquired and provide and/or organize any other service that may be required for acquiring the land.

Assisting in developing the project feasibility, marketing plan and development plan.

Provide any other service for successful implementation and completion of the project.