Project Management Advisory

Project Management Advisory
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We are an unique Realty & Lifestyle Consulting Company. We offer advisory services to clients for development of residential/commercial/mixed use real estate, hospitality, recreation and entertainment projects. Our services include concept development, due diligence, feasibility study and project management. Since founding the company, we have been working with clients throughout on a range of acquisition, development, and business operation matters.
Developing the project concept, feasibility, marketing plan and development plan.
Develop schedules, execution plans, subcontractor strategies, budgets, risk quantification, QA/QC requirements.
Define roles, authority, and relationships between all interacting companies.
Establish a communication plan for the client.
Manage resource availability, performance quality, and document data control.
Report project status to the client.
Measure verifiable progress, cost controls, and scope changes.
Identify potential problems and consult on alternative approaches.
Monitor performance against project forecasts.
Project close-out:
Document and track all aspects of the project and its final configuration.
Ensure all client’s expectations are fully met.